MediaCom’s 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

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MediaCom UK believes is it vital to ensure a diverse and gender-balanced workforce. Since our inception, we have worked hard to ensure this principle sits at the heart of not only our business strategy, but our culture. As such, we welcomed the government’s decision that, from 2018, all employers with 250+ employees publish their gender pay gap data on an annual basis.

In 2017, we published our first Gender Pay Gap report which detailed salary and bonus data from across the business. Today we are publishing our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report, which includes the following data:

  • PAY GAP – percentage difference (Mean and Median) in hourly rate of pay between male and female employees.
  • BONUS GAP – percentage difference (Mean and Median) in total bonus payments received by male and female employees in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date.
  • QUARTILES – total percentage of employees in order from lowest hourly rate of pay to highest hourly rate of pay, split into four equal groups
  • PERCENT RECEIVED BONUS – percentage of all males and females who received a bonus in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date.

The below summarises 2018 data with the full report available for download here.

MediaCom UK Gender Pay Gap statistics (all data is from April 2018)

At MediaCom UK, we are committed to rewarding all of our people fairly, regardless of their gender, age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social or educational background.

We ensure equal pay across our organisation, with bands that are specific to the role performed and experience of employees and candidates considered for them.

Following publishing on 2017’s report, we have taken proactive measures to ensure any gaps identified are reduced. These include:

  1. Gender neutral hiring opportunities – all senior positions require an equal number of male and female candidates to be put forward
  2. Eliminating unconscious bias – every employee undergoes unconscious bias, not just in the UK but globally. This training is ongoing across the company
  3. Preventing hiring bias – every hiring panel is made up of a 50:50 gender ratio
  4. Welcoming women back – running Women Returners events amongst other initiatives, we commit to making it easier for women to blend work and family so that they feel empowered to stay at MediaCom

We are dedicated to not just continuing these initiatives but building on them. Our ultimate aim is to close all gaps by 2023. We are therefore happy to report reduced gaps between 2017 and 2018.

In the UK, the national average median pay gap currently stands at 17.9% (Source: ONS).

At MediaCom UK, which includes MediaCom Holdings (includes our London agency and MediaCom Worldwide employees based in London) and MediaCom North (our employees based in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds), the median gender pay gap is at 6.7% (based on data collected in April 2018). This is an improvement on 2017’s median gender pay gap, which sat at 13.8% (based on data collected in April 2017).

Within our specific offices, MediaCom Holdings has a median gender pay gap of 6.53% (11.07% in 2017). MediaCom North has a median pay gap of 14.9% (15.7% in 2017). These figures are all lower than the national average. MediaCom London, excluding MediaCom Worldwide employees based in London, has a median pay gap of 5.5%, down from 10.7% in 2017.

As of April 2018, 81.6% of MediaCom UK’s workforce hold entry-level to mid-management-level job roles. The median Gender Pay Gap is 0% (2.9% in 2017).

MediaCom UK’s plan for the future

While we are pleased to see improvements in our gender pay gap, it remains our mission to reduce the gap to the point where it simply does not exist. Our target is to achieve that by 2023.

To help us get there, we have put in place a number of initiatives, including:

Blend – this programme facilitates the conversation between managers and team members around an employee’s priorities in life and how they can achieve a good blend of work life, hobbies, passions and families.

It includes a coaching element that creates better understanding between team members and managers. The aim is that everyone can grow personally and professionally without compromising their areas of passion (which are key to creativity).

Maternity coaching – this programme offers coaching to women pre, during and post maternity. We want to ensure that employees are well-equipped for the impending changes to their life and feel supported and motivated to return to the company.

We have received strong feedback that this is a compelling reason for women to return post-maternity leave.

MediaCom My Way – we have aligned ourselves with the Hire Me My Way (Timewise) campaign and have announced that all jobs will be considered on a flexible basis. This is largely to encourage experienced women back to the sector/agency, but also to normalise flexible and part-time working across the board, as this in turn helps to support and encourage women (generally the part-time workers).

We believe this will attract senior talent from across the sector, which is critical considering the wealth of research showing women feel trapped’ in their jobs once they have had children. Unlocking this talent could help to improve our percentage of women at a senior level.

Inclusion events – we host this series of events for our people covering a range of topics which have been relevant for men and women in the workplace, such as bringing your whole self to work, mental health and equality.

We invite interesting speakers to the agency to share their stories about a given topic and then we open to debate and questions.

To learn more about MediaCom UK’s gender pay data, download our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report here.


MediaCom UK is made up of two legal entities: MediaCom Holdings, which accounts for all employees based in London; and MediaCom North, which accounts for all employed based in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

MediaCom Holdings includes our UK London agency and MediaCom Worldwide employees based in London. MediaCom Worldwide is a global company in 105 countries around the world. In April 2017 a significant proportion of MediaCom’s World Wide Global Board (which includes the most senior male leaders in the entire organisation) were based in London. As their salaries were processed by MediaCom Holdings payroll department, we have included these figures in our responses. These figures have inflated the gender pay gap percentages in some instances.

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