MediaCom UK and MediaCom Edinburgh Accredited Gold and Platinum CPD

28 4 20 Media Com UK and Media Com Edinburgh Accredited Gold and Platinum CPD

For the second consecutive year, MediaCom UK and MediaCom Edinburgh have been awarded the IPA’s CPD Gold and Platinum.

Both MediaCom UK and MediaCom Edinburgh have retained their CPD Gold and Platinum Accreditation from the IPA for their outstanding use of CPD in the agency. This year, 38 agencies were awarded CPD Gold Accreditation for their investment in the professional development of employees which helped with business goals; 20 of these agencies were also awarded Platinum.

The IPA CPD Gold Accreditation recognises member agencies for their commitment to excellence in CPD. The IPA assesses agencies on their ability to “demonstrate a genuine culture of learning; bettering the professionalism, development and reputation of the industry, enhancing clients’ brands and agencies’ worth as a result.” After an agency receives CPD Gold four times in a five-year period they qualify for CPD Platinum, an accolade recognising sustained CPD excellence.

The IPA stated,

“MediaCom have demonstrated a tremendous investment and focus in developing their people, alongside a deep commitment to finding new and engaging ways to retain their staff.”

As for MediaCom Edinburgh, the IPA commented,

“MediaCom Edinburgh take CPD very seriously and clearly see it as a driver for both business growth and personal growth; they recognise that, at their best, the two things work together.”

As an agency, MediaCom prioritises professional development as part of our ‘People First’ philosophy. Our responsibility is to make MediaCom a place to grow for our employees by encouraging them to track their training throughout the year in CPD diaries, holding Inspire sessions with senior members of staff and Lunch & Learns, as well as offering a Freshness Fund which subsidises extra-curricular training for staff members’ personal interests.

We are delighted to have maintained the IPA’s highest accreditation for CPD excellence and continue to sustain professional development for all our staff.

Read more about the IPA CPD Accreditations here, or you can read the full list of this year’s accredited agencies here.

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