MediaCom North Wins best ‘Overall Carbon Footprint Reduction’ and best ‘Internal Sustainability Campaign’

18 10 19 Media Com North wins best Overall Carbon footprint reduction and best

The Planet Mark Awards celebrates the very best from across many different industries who are actively working towards making a difference in the workplace.

The Planet Mark is a certification that recognises companies who are making a real effort to reduce their carbon footprint (as well as their water use and waste) and who are engaging their employees in their efforts.

MediaCom Manchester are in their second year of honouring the Planet Mark and they have achieved great things in this space.

So much so that they won 2 awards yesterday – one for the biggest overall carbon footprint reduction (a whopping 21% last year!) and one for the best internal sustainability campaign.

Reducing our carbon footprint and overall being an agency that can make a real difference in regards to this is important to us.

Congratulations to MediaCom North who are a shining example of things to come for the rest of our MediaCom UK offices.

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