MediaCom North Hosts Round-Table Transport Dinner

29 1 18 Media Com North hosts round table transport dinner

MediaCom North Hosts Round-Table Transport Dinner

The dinner, held at the Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham, was hosted by Paul Bramwell – Managing Director. Paul was joined by Julia Shepherd who leads MediaCom North’s Real World Insights team, Steve Hadfield, Board Director in Birmingham and Louis Georgiou from Code ComputeLove to welcome a number of industry experts to discuss research collated by Real World Insights.

The aim of the dinner was to identify and predict the possible direction that public transport may follow and highlight any conditions that the public transport sector may face in the near and distant future. The research identified the following key cultural trends within the public transport industry which fueled the discussion

  1. Building Brand Purpose
  2. Sustainability Drive
  3. A Divided Society
  4. It’s All About Me
  5. Globalisation and the Rural Left Behind
  6. Automated Lives

Professor Felix Schmid from the University of Birmingham opened the dinner by offering his perspective on the current situation.

He said “I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in MediaCom’s Transport Dinner, where key cultural trends around public transport were addressed. There was a great atmosphere and the conversation about the future challenges for public transport was most stimulating. I was pleased that the discussion picked up on my initial thoughts about the changing value of time and the growing disparity in requirements placed on transport by different segments of society. The research behind the book and its presentation are both excellent.”

We look forward to more MediaClub dinners which focus on key industry sectors and topics in the future.

If you would like to see the research collated by our Real World Insights team, click here and then scroll down to download the report.

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