MediaCom My Way Launches

20 12 18 Media Com My Way Launches

MediaCom is based on a People First philosophy. We believe in making the it easy for MediaCommers to find a balance between the time they invest in their career and their life beyond. We call this initiative MediaCom My Way, and it is available to all MediaCom UK employees, regardless of seniority.

MediaCom My Way can be flexed in a number of directions – whether it’s where you work, when or how, we just want work to fit around your life, and not the other way round!

To celebrate MediaCom My Way and to raise awareness of it, we held a launch day here at the MediaCom London offices.

We kicked the morning off with a breakfast announcement on why we need MediaCom My Way and how it works. The scheme covers both fixed and fluid working patterns and, providing your total contracted hours are filled and your line manager has given their approval, working fluidly doesn’t require any change to employment terms.

Next, we held a session in which individuals who have already been taking advantage of the scheme explained how had inserted the initiative into their lives. We had a panel of four MediaCommers who use MediaCom My Way in different ways sharing the different ways that their lives had required greater fluidity from their work. Other examples that were shared include temporarily adjusting start or end times to accommodate those training for an event or taking an extended lunch time in order to go to a doctor or dentist appointment.

The talks drew a huge audience, showing the appetite for the possibilities fluid working can offer.

Finally, we closed the day by offering individuals meeting slots with either Elaine Bremner, Chief HR and Talent Officer, or Claire Ferguson, Head of Agency Communications and Managing Partner. These meetings offered people who were uncertain about how MediaCom could support their personal situation a chance to discuss their options and have their questions answered.

Huge thanks to all those who came and got involved with the event; we look forward to hearing more success stories of working your way!

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