MediaCom launches Walk the Talk

Walk the talk

Launched for women, by women, Walk the Talk is an initiative set out to bring together senior leaders and women from around the agency.

We are proud of all the work we do at MediaCom in order to build a diverse and inclusive culture, but as we know, there is no finish line and we have to keep pushing hard to make it a reality. We are already doing a great amount in this space through MediaCom My Way, maternity coaching and mental health support, but we know there is more we can do, specifically around tackling some barriers that women sometimes create for themselves.

We don’t tend to talk about those barriers, or more importantly, deal with them. So we launched an initiative to do just that. To open up the discussion around the things that really do hold us back and how we need to tackle them.

Walk the Talk encourages women to openly talk about something they have overcome, and how they’ve gone on to do bigger and better things as a result. These sessions are for women only and, alongside the stories, an opportunity to share ideas and techniques.

Our first virtual session kicked off this week with CEO Kate Rowlinson discussing her journey to becoming CEO and being faced with a pandemic in her first year in the role.

The event then split up into breakout sessions with senior leads hosting an exercise around ‘the circle of concern’ and looking deeper into what actions we can and can’t control. As a result, several ideas and techniques were shared with the audience.

The session was a fantastic opportunity for MediaCom employees to tap into a wider, senior female community which will be an ongoing support network to keep everyone moving in the right direction, and we look forward to hosting more of these sessions regularly down the line.

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