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Last week we hosted our “Gaming, not if but how” webinar, discussing what seems to be one of the hottest topics in the media & marketing industry right now – Gaming.

Whilst gaming was already in a strong position, and continuing to grow, COVID-19 has taken it to new heights. As a result, we now have more reason than ever before to consider how gaming impacts consumers and how we can reach them.

We looked at the big gaming trends of today and where they’re likely to lead next.

Our expert panel discussed the importance of Gaming and how it has grown to be the no.1 entertainment medium on the planet and is more than twice as big as the music & film industries combined in total industry revenues.

Some of the key takeaways that were unearthed are seen below:

  • It is set to get even bigger through the next decade as technological advances accelerate it’s importance & this cultural evolution (+ 9.4% CAGR between 2018 – 2023).
  • Gaming is one of the few media channels where the size of the audience remains in YOY exponential growth (+ 5.6% CAGR 2015 – 2023)
  • And when we say audience, we don’t just mean those playing. Viewership engagement continues to skyrocket across games & esports: the global live streaming audience will pass 700 million this year & on track for continued growth (+9.2% CAGR 2019 – 2024)
  • Gaming is expanding its remit & it is shifting into another space. It will cease to be just about gaming or computerised competition. Instead we will see the rise of Immersive Culture. Soon gaming will need another name as it will be a home for all other media - a ‘third space’ if you will.
  • One thing is for sure, gaming is now a permanent fixture on our cultural landscape, commanding the attention & time of a mass diverse audience. In the attention economy that all companies live in, brands and businesses in every category should no more ignore gaming than they should ignore any media.
  • There are an increasing number of strategic, impactful & innovative ways for brands to take advantage & integrate, but often the complexity of the gaming landscape can be overwhelming.
  • That’s why we’ve created our gaming consultancy, MediaCom Play. We specialise in navigating brands through this landscape to deliver measurable impact on their brands & businesses via an end-to-end service.

To view our content in more detail, you can access our video recording here

If you would like to discuss any of this information further, please get in touch with our Managing Partner, Head of Sports U.S John Scurfield via email

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