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Last week, MediaCom hosted the second event in their series of workshops: MediaCom’s Inclusion and Diversity Journey. After UK CEO Kate Rowlinson made a commitment to share our work in equity, inclusion and belonging with the wider industry, we have been curating these workshops as a forum to share practical advice for tangible change.

On Tuesday 15th June, we welcomed guest speakers Hector Minto, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft; Derin Bamgbelu, Learning and Development Advisor, GroupM University and Henrie Clarke, Director Industry Trades & Client Councils, Facebook. Hosted by Nancy Lengthorn, MediaCom’s Global Chief Inclusion and Culture Officer, our speakers each shared the D&I practices that are being developed in their own organisations – and crucially, the learnings they have taken from developing them. This transparency is invaluable for the industry; it is only by having these discussions and being inspired by each other’s practices that real change is made.

Henrie Clarke, Director Industry Trades & Client Councils, Facebook

Henrie began by sharing the work that Facebook are doing with their cross-industry initiative to improve black representation in marketing: BRIM. The initiative embodies the sharing mentality that MediaCom are tackling with these workshops, by encouraging organisations to share their resources and add to a databank which can be accessed by all. This allows individuals to re-evaluate their practices and take action by making personal commitments, no matter what their level. With easy-to-access tools which are crowdsourced from across the industry, we call all learn from BRIM and make our own contribution to the resources. Please do take a look here.

Hector Minto, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

Hector’s advice on how to embed accessibility into your organisation is adaptable for any organisation. “Diversity and Inclusion is the topic, Accessibility is a deliverable” and we can all be much more deliberately inclusive in the way that we deliver our communications digitally. In order for our people to be successful at work, we must be more aware of the wide diversity of disability that exist, and embed inclusion into our culture, systems, products and future. Hector recommends that signposting is key when starting on this journey; we do not have to be perfect, but letting people know that you are doing the learning, means people with disabilities can feel comfortable talking to you about what works best for them.

Derin Bamgbelu, Learning and Development Advisor, GroupM

Finally, Derin joined us to talk through the Allyship workshops that all MediaCom employees have undertaken as mandatory. The attendees of our event received an immersion into the training, covering topics such as allyship, microaggressions and privilege. Derin gave actionable techniques for tackling injustice in the workplace, including examples of how to feel confident standing up to microaggressions and recognising your own prejudice.

A huge thank you to our speakers and all who attended, we look forward to hosting more of these events in future.

You can watch the event in full below.

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