Malteser Launches New Maternal Mental Health Campaign


With more than 1 in 10 women experiencing mental health issues during pregnancy or within the first year of having a baby, our Maltesers’ have been working hard to launch a new maternal mental health campaign.

In partnership with Comic Relief for Red Nose Day, Malteser aimed to encourage a more open dialogue around mental health in mothers by highlighting real experiences they face. The campaign evolved as Maltesers extended their partnership with Comic Relief to a multi-year relationship.

Over the next three years, money donated by Maltesers will help Comic Relief support the incredible work carried out by projects like The Happy Mums Foundation and Smile Group, both of which focus on supporting women with maternal mental health issues.

On Monday 8th March, International Women’s Day, two ads were broadcasted for the first time across TV and digital channels. They were inspired by conversations with mums who shared their lived experiences of both the light and the dark side of new motherhood.

The message of the creative will also be mirrored online with the launch of a new social campaign which will run throughout the year. Maltesers will be keeping the cause front of mind through a range of channels, including social, digital, radio, OOH, podcasts, partnerships and influencers – using their hashtag #TheMassiveOvershare to raise further awareness. The creative celebrates the superpowers of women who are able to share experiences and laugh together through the ups and downs of motherhood. With maternal mental health issues commonly undetected or misdiagnosed, the advert is a gentle reminder that when you see a beautiful new baby, you also see a new mum experiencing a spectrum of emotions too.

Click to view the Not After That Display and One Squirt or Two? TV ads.

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