In Conversation with Baroness Mone

2 11 20 In Conversation with Baroness Mone

Our Chief Client Officer, Claudine Collins, continued her interview series when she was joined by British businesswoman and entrepreneur, Baroness Mone, in an inspiring Q&A session for clients and MediaCommers.

Baroness Mone shared with Claudine how she started her business and her journey to success, gaining an OBE and raising her children along the way. She spoke about the biggest risks and mistakes throughout her career, as well as touching on her personal and work life during the COVID-19 crisis. Baroness Mone spoke about those who helped her along the way, especially the Princes Trust, and mentioned her own charitable work.

Finally, Baroness Mone gave her advice for businesses who are still trying to thrive despite the current tough situation and raised the importance of diversifying your brand during these times as well as having a USP.

To find out more, you can watch the full Q&A below

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