Flexible Public Holiday Policy: How MediaCommers celebrate the holidays they want

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At MediaCom we are proud to have such a diverse group of employees and we relish the enormous benefits this brings to both our work and our culture. Thus, it is important to us that we respect these diverse cultures in every way.

As such, MediaCom introduced the Flexible Public Holiday Policy back in 2021, to enable people to celebrate days of significance to them specifically. The policy allows all employees to choose to switch the standard eight days of paid public holiday with other days of their choosing to acknowledge events and festivities which are important to the celebration of their culture, beliefs, and identity.

This policy applies to all MediaCom employees and has been used by many!. We heard from a few of these individuals who told us how the policy has benefitted them.

First we heard from Systems Tech Mac Nguyen, who told us that: “I swapped Easter Monday to take a day off to celebrate Lunar New Year (specifically Tet, which is the Vietnamese version), which is more culturally relevant to me than Easter. I was able to use the day to spend virtual time with my family and visit some Vietnamese grocery stores in Hackney to buy some traditional food.”

Matthew Chew, a manager in our Paid Social Department told us “I switched out Solar New Year bank holiday (to observe 01 January) to Lunar New Year (01 February this year), as part of his Malaysian-Chinese heritage. He said “Both the New Year's Eve evening and New Year's Day are really important to my family and our culture, and it is just a really great moment for us to start the new year together as a family with a family day out and spend time together, that we wouldn't otherwise have done on the calendar New Year.”

Analyst Gideon Harris found the policy particularly helpful having used his annual leave for holidays, meaning without the policy he would not have had the opportunity to celebrate the religious days of his choosing.

Finally, Andreea Galin, Senior Research Executive, shared with us how she used the policy. “I decided to work on Easter Monday and instead take the 30th of November off. I am Orthodox, so we celebrate Easter on a different day. However, the Orthodox Easter Monday was on the 3rd of May - also a bank holiday. So, I decided to take the 30th of November off as this is when I celebrate my name day. And since it’s also Scotland’s national day, I spent a long weekend in Edinburgh, visiting the city and enjoying the Christmas market.”

We’re really proud our flexible holiday initiative, and love hearing about how our employees continue to make use of it!

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