eBay and the English Football League launch Small Businesses United

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eBay partner with the English Football League to offer small businesses the chance to connect with their local clubs.

The relationship between local football clubs and small businesses is written in the sports’ history: many local football clubs sprung up from local businesses, from iron mongers and ship workers to spring makers and cobblers, all growing into the clubs that still exist today. However, over time some of those clubs have transformed into global behemoths with eye-watering transfers and multi-million-pound sponsorships, pricing local businesses out of the game.

As a marketplace for hundreds of thousands of small businesses, eBay understands the importance of small companies in their local communities. Recognising that many smaller clubs still represent the heartbeat of the communities around them, eBay stepped up to celebrate the connection between local businesses and football, partnering with the English Football League (EFL) to provide small businesses with the opportunity to benefit from partnership assets at their local football clubs.

The campaign, named Small Businesses United will see 140 small businesses paired with more than 140 clubs. A unique sponsorship package across the 72 EFL clubs puts each sponsoring small business’ assets in matchday stadia, social and digital inventory. Additionally, eBay will partner with 72 grassroots clubs, local to both an EFL club and an eBay small business, to make the local company the official sponsor, taking pride of place on the front of the clubs’ shirts, again all powered and funded by eBay.

In order to make the campaign happen we will also work with Ralloo, the UK’s first micro-sponsorship platform, enabling the campaign to be self-running. Ralloo will create a micro-sponsorship platform which allows the football clubs to upload what they need funds for, and small businesses to apply to support them in return for sponsorship and marketing.

Additionally, eBay is sponsoring ITV Regional Sports, showing their continued support and celebration of key clubs and businesses. The sponsorship includes idents in ITV’s regional sport bulletins, ensuring we capture the attention of those who love both sports and their local communities.

The final boost comes through the magic of storytelling; some of Sky Sports’ EFL talent, such as Adebayo Akinfenwa, will head back to the local community clubs where it all began for them to tell the story of that club and the SMB supporting it. By turning this content into TV assets across Sky Sports EFL coverage and through the use of Ad Smart to tailor to region and also in longer form on Sky Sports YouTube, we have ensured that Small Business United will help small businesses to dazzling success this summer.

You can watch the EFL launch film below.

Massive thank you to the team who helped deliver this fantastic campaign: Alex Brown, Charlotte Hynes, Hannah McFarland, Charlotte Mullan, Jon Hendry, Fiona Wallis, Amy Hardy, Neesha Taneja, Tom Curtis, Michael Consagra, Mike Gibbons, Naomi Barnwell, Lowri Jones, Freddie Brown, Chris Fuller.

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