Celebrating International Women’s Day

IWD 2021 CRM

This week, as part of International Women’s Day, we hosted a series of events, based on this year’s campaign theme of #ChooseToChallenge.

This day was especially important as it gave us all the opportunity to be allies, show support, and celebrate the importance of inclusivity and individuality. It was also a call-to-action to challenge the status quo by raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

To kick the day off, we shared some of our MediaCommers’ growth stories with the agency. This was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women at MediaCom, to share some insights into their personal growth journeys, and find out what inspires them too.

It was also a chance to highlight details on how they will #ChoosetoChallenge in their lives both personally and professionally in the future.

To view our growth story videos, click here and here.

We hosted a Reverse Speed Mentoring session, focused on connecting women to our senior leaders within the agency.

The aim of the session was to drive culture change from the bottom up, promote diversity and skill-sharing, and create connectivity with and an opportunity to feedback to senior management. We discussed opportunities to raise one’s profile, the damaging impact of “imposter syndrome” and the value of mentoring, among others.

Lastly, we invited our MediaCommers to join our Choose to Challenge safe space.

This important and at times emotional safe space explored the theme of choosing to challenge and opened up a conversation on how we can choose to challenge, call out gender bias and inequality, and share advice on how we can feel empowered to challenge inappropriate actions and behaviour.

We explored a wide range of themes including allyship, ensuring women feel empowered to challenge and unlearning” the idea that emotional is problematic.

As an industry, as well as society, we have a long way to go. But it’s up to us to start having these conversations and creating an environment where everyone feels safe in choosing to challenge.

We stand together as a company and are proud to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and continue to raise awareness against bias.

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