Belonging: Empower your relationships with Communications Dynamics

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Are you a driver, analytical, expressive or amiable?

This week, MediaCom hosted the next in their series of Belonging events: Belonging: Empower your relationships with Communications Dynamics. Hosted by Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer at MediaCom, we explored Communications Dynamics, a technique used by MediaCom to recognise the diverse range of communication styles that are present within the workplace and to develop a culture of mutual understanding.

To begin the session, Sue featured a Q&A with client and colleague, Mark Evans (Managing Director, Marketing & Digital, DLG and Host of The Places We’ll Go Show), on how DLG uses Communications Dynamics to define the personality types of both employees and customers. Mark explained that this is a consideration kept front and centre in their business, as understanding difference is key to success. Being considerate of these communication styles allows for better teamwork, better customer service and ultimately better results, as ‘rounding out’ your personal style with people around you can improve our impact with others.

Next Katrina Triffitt, Head of Client Relationship Development at MediaCom, explained the four dominant communication styles: Driver, Analytical, Expressive and Amiable. By profiling people into these brackets, Communications Dynamics promotes not only better understanding within teams but also highlights our personal bias and communications preferences. If you have ever felt misunderstood, unheard or affronted by a colleague, the tool can go a long way to helping understand the reason behind this. Aside from being a personal tool, this profiling is also invaluable for recruiting; as we as individuals naturally connect most with people who communicate like us, recognising our behaviour helps avoid this bias spreading into recruitment, as our differences are undoubtedly our strengths.

The event then opened up to the panel, each of whom represented one of the different communications styles: Neesha Taneja, Creative Systems Director, MediaCom; Phil Hall, Joint Managing Director, Ocean; Pauline Robson, Managing Partner, MediaCom; Biren Kalaria, Client Solutions and Analytics Director, Google. Our panellists discussed their own lived experiences of using Communications Dynamics to help resolve conflict, connect with others in professional environments and also to recognise when there is a need to flex to other people’s styles.

You can watch the full session below.

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