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Last week marked 2022’s annual Advertising Week Europe event. The theme was Creative Capitol, exploring London’s contribution to the global creative landscape and uncovering its future as the beating heart of Britain’s creative economy.

Speakers included MediaCom’s Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer, Bonita Samuels, Partnerships, Social and Influencer Marketing Specialist, Sacha Owusu, Press, Radio and OOH Account Director, Richard Mashiter, Business Director, Emily Trenouth, Head of Influencer Marketing and Pauline Robson, Managing Partner, Head of Blink Consulting UK.

Belonging Is Business Critical: Sue Unerman and Kathryn Jacob OBE, CEO of Peal and Dean, revealed the latest research into business culture across the advertising and marketing industry, highlighting the increase in employees stating that they do not feel that they belong in their workplace post-covid.

Joined by Sacha Owusu and Bonita Samuels, the panel explored topics including how to be a good ally, where DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is failing despite huge financial investments, and how organisations have a responsibility to create a culture in which diverse individuals are not simply hired, but thrive.

The Only Way is Ethics: For her second panel of the week, Sue Unerman joined Andrew Tenzer, Director of Market Insight & Brand Strategy at Reach Plc, Robert Meiklejohn, BBH Strategy Director, and Paul Bainsfair, IPA’s Director General. They tackled the ever-complex issue of navigating ethnical stance and business imperatives. Conversation focused on the necessity of having a clear and moral purpose, the impact of socio-economic climate on brand message, and avoiding the pitfalls of moral ‘washing’.

Purpose and Profit: What it Takes to Deliver Both: Continuing with the theme of purpose, Sue’s next panel took a closer inquiry into brand purpose and how to balance it with the imperative of profit. Alongside Sue, the panel featured Duncan Chater, Bloomberg Managing Director, John Rudaizky, EY Partner, and Louisa Harris, Head of Sustainability and Systems Change, Brandpie.

The panel focused on how brands need to redress the balance in purpose and morality, pushing for a more progressive world. Key takeaways included that brands need to work out how to balance long term investment in sustainability and change with short term challenges such as the cost of living crisis, the necessity of a better integrated conversation between commercial brand and sustainability strategies, and how MediaCom is tackling the issue head on with our Inclusive Planning practice, positioning diverse audiences at the heart of the planning approach.

Mars Wrigley & Amazon Teamed Up To Make M&M’s the Snack You Can’t Stream Without: Richard Mashiter was joined by Steve Edwards, Head of UK Agency Development at Amazon Ads and Laura Boothroyd, Senior Media and Content Manager at Mars Wrigley, to discuss the key lessons and takeaways from this campaign. They focused on consistency in messaging delivered, authenticity and the importance of multiple touchpoints to allow an integrated consumer journey.

Metaverse: What is Possible Now and How Marketers Can Stay Relevant (Presented by Tug): Emily Trenouth moderated a session with Andrew Carmody, Chief Marketing Officer at ViewersLogic, Carmen Lambrianos, Senior Producer at Poplar Studio and Hannah Thompson, Group Media Director at Tug. The panel focus was to discuss what the metaverse really is and the possibilities right now, such as gaming, esports (programmatic perimeter advertising), the activations advertisers are using within Fortnight, where the metaverse sits in the marketing funnel, examples of the brands getting it right, and advice on how to get started. They ended by questioning how we can put the audience at the heart of the experience in order to create something for the consumer.

Are long-term partnerships the future of influencer marketing? With TikTok + Influencer: Emily Trenouth joined Ben Jeffries, CEO of, Casper Lee, CVO at and Luke Townsin, Head of Operations at TikTok, to explore the benefits of long-term partnerships in influencer marketing.

They explored how partners and creators need to be collaborative and invested to develop a strong relationship that thrives whilst approaching campaigns with mindset marketing to ensure there is the emotional connection between product and creator.

The Future of Branded Content and Sustainable Production: Pauline Robson sat on a panel with Tini Sevak, Audiences and amp; Data, CNN International Commercial, John Malone, Senior Director and Chief Creative Officer at CNN International Commercial and Benish Mahmood, Business Director, Global Partnerships at Publicis Media to discuss the future of branded content and sustainable production.

They explored how brands need to keep up with the changing expectations consumers have of them to behave responsibly and ethically and for the onus to be solely on the brand. They discussed how this growing expectation with sustainability to meet the needs of the consumer is likely to be replicated for the current cost of living crisis.

Future Leaders: What does leadership look like in the digital age: Emily Trenouth was interviewed by Riyadh Khalaf talking all things career and personal and her journey to building a successful career. They addressed topics such as imposter syndrome, the expectation of success vs the reality, hiring practices and how leadership has shifted in recent years.

If you attended AdWeek you can catch up on these sessions and more over on AdWeek.

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