What’s next in the world of Programmatic?

The opportunities for advertisers to deliver online data-driven campaigns at scale have never been better, so it’s no wonder that digital display ads traded programmatically are on the rise. In fact, they accounted for 70% of all UK digital display ad-spend in 2016. This automated method of buying allows results to be measured and optimisations to be made in real-time, meaning advertisers can maximise efficiency in reaching their key audiences online. With programmatic buying for digital display no longer in its infancy, it’s time to start asking the question of ‘what’s next’?

We can now deliver data-driven campaigns beyond the realms of online. With the ever-growing competition between advertisers, all media has to deliver an increased effectiveness, even the most traditional forms. By applying programmatic principals to other media forms, such as OOH and digital radio, we open up exciting opportunities for improved cross-media efficiencies – a vision which MediaCom are at the forefront of.
Typically, brands wanting to advertise through OOH will buy panels based on the scale of views they offer (measured by the industry standard Route panel), across a broad audience. An industry-first campaign which uses mobile data to inform OOH buying has been launched by MediaCom UK this year, allowing the client to plan against a bespoke audience and as a result run a more targeted, smarter OOH campaign. This data-led approach uses geo-location data from across 55 million devices, identifying devices which fit the client’s key audience. The data will then be used to plan and buy only those OOH screens which index highly for that audience, in a bid to minimise wastage. After the campaign (by tracking devices exposed to the advertising, vs a control group), we can bring in greater attribution on a client by client basis, looking at such things as footfall into store, or to cinema’s etc. When we start linking in CRM data, attribution becomes even stronger.

Now imagine that you can retarget a consumer who has walked past your OOH advertising with an audio message? Each time a user tunes in to DAX (Digital Audio Exchange), we are able to capture the location of that device, by then overlaying all OOH sites within a campaign, we can choose to serve specific audio ads to people who we know have been exposed to the OOH advertising, either when they are in the vicinity, or at a later date. With optimisable and measurable results, these are the first steps in developing an effective, cross-media solution for MediaCom clients.

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