Thinking Slow To Move Fast

We live in a world where we have access to billions of websites and can have any question answered instantaneously. Those that know me know that I am a big fan of technology and fully embrace how it can make our lives easier. However, I also believe that technology is reducing our ability to stop and think. If we don't get the answer via google, we try a different question or a different platform.

Having recently moved house we have had to get a fair few trades in to do work on the it. Luckily we know plumbers and electricians but we don’t know any tilers. So we reverted to google, rated people and facebook searching for anyone that could tile our bathroom. The good news is we found plenty, the bad news as you may have guessed, is that the more knock backs or “can’t fit you in until…” the further down the internet rabbit hole we went. We could not think of an alternative we just kept contacting people who had been recommended via Facebook or who were listed online. That was until my Father in law picked up the Edinburgh Evening News and looked through the classified section. He called us on his house phone and gave us one contact name and number. The guy came round the next evening, quoted and advised when he could do the work, which was within the next 5 days. Everyone else had said 3-5 months.

We were obviously dubious, surely anyone who could do it that quickly can’t be any good. Then we stopped and thought about it. One of the first things he said to my wife and I was that we were a bit younger than his normal customer. He’d been advertising for 20 years and we were significantly younger than his normal clients. Not only did this make us feel good but it made me stop and think. We all get frustrated when our devices don’t give us the results we want. Yet we keep trying different search terms, different sites and have stopped thinking outside our technology box. I like it when I get a reality check, something that disrupts my behaviour. This was one of those times. Moving forward I am going to take more time, to stop and think, because sometimes in life and in business the best strategy often requires you to consider a plan B. Always being mindful about your main goal or objective. As a footnote don’t discount print yet, there is a still a huge number of people who use it as their default. It just happens to be mixed in with other stuff. You can get all technical, use big data but at the end of the day you just need to step back, put down your phone and consider all your options. Think slowly, you might just get there quicker and achieve so much more.

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