Our internet picks of the week – 7th Nov ’19

This week we focus on how readers are being encouraged to put down their phones and pick up newspapers. With world news becoming more and more like a jungle to navigate through, we are often at a loss when we try to find out the facts for ourselves. Who better to lead you through the trees and out the other side unscathed than some quality publications?

Brexit is the word on everyone’s lips and, if you’re anything like me, a topic you probably don’t know as much about as you should.  Back in September, The Economist launched a playful campaign to encourage the public to pick up a copy of their newspaper and promote their analysis of Brexit.

After John Bercow became an internet sensation with thanks to his thunderous ‘ORDERRRR’, the Economist jumped on the coattails of the House of Commons speaker and asked readers if it was…

 “Time to place an orderrrrrrr?”

The Wall Street Journal encourages us all to ‘read ourselves better’ in a brilliant new campaign led by a TV spot. The spot communicates in a veritable visual feast today’s overcrowded and overloaded media landscape. The narrator encourages us to ‘read past the clickbait’ as a child stands in a crowded corridor looking into a phone, as a living embodiment of Snapchat’s first filter. Yes, the one with big eyes and the rainbow vomit. As the narrator encourages us ‘Read yourself past all of the social media that is making your brain feel like…’ a man’s head explodes into a splash of yellow paint. The creative captures the zeitgeist, harnessing the fatigue felt by most of us when it comes to news and current affairs to encourage us to support quality journalism.

 Read Yourself Better

Londoners who travel via Westminster station – did you happen to find yourself in a jungle a couple of weeks ago? Did you have a second to stop and question why? Probably not. Well, News UK titles made the tube closest to parliament the focus of their latest ‘Politics. Tamed’ campaign with the aim of showing their commitment to keeping readers well informed in these tumultuous political times.

Hope you made it to work on time.


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