Our internet picks of the week – 23rd Jan ’20

For many of us, Spotify has become our go-to music streaming app.

Thanks to the almost unlimited amount of music that’s available through the streaming service, listeners can jam on anything that they feel like and discover new music. And with such a wide selection, this also means that the platform has its fair share of odd and quirky playlists which we investigated this week. To wrap up,  we are also sharing the latest audio update from the advertising world!

Spotify conducted a study across 5 different countries to find out more about the relationship between Pets and Music, 8 in 10 pet owners believe their pets like music and their favourite genre seems to be Classical & Soft Rock.

If you have ever been curious about what your pet gets up to while you are not at home, now, thanks to Spotify, in 4 easy steps you are able to personalise a playlist for them to bark along while you are away, keep them company or simply boost their happiness.

Your pet will be Fur-ever grateful

Believe it or not, numerous studies have indicated that playing music for plants really does promote faster, healthier growth. It appears it isn’t so much about the “sounds” of the music, but more to do with the vibrations created by the sound waves. So next time when you need to revive your dying plants, play them this Spotify playlist!

Bring your plant to life with music

Following their purchase of Primesight, Exterion and Outdoor Plus, Global have rebranded their DAX offering. Now called the Digital Ad Exchange (formerly Digital Audio Exchange), the change has been made to reinforce the message that advertisers can buy both digital audio and digital outdoor together. Mike Gordon, chief commercial officer at Global, said: “By uniting our business, Global is able to help brands harness the power of outdoor alongside other digital channels such as digital audio, helping them to create more moments that matter.” The combined proposition will rival VIOOH, JCDecaux’s programmatic OOH platform.

Beyond Just Audio

‘Keep the faith’
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