Our internet picks of the week – 11th Oct ’19

We have lived with domesticated animals for centuries but these days our connection with our furry friends runs deeper than ever. This week we look at how marketeers are using this connection to sell holidays, insurance and products to a world obsessed with animals.

Airbnb has recently launched Airbnb Animal Experiences where you can “connect” with animals around the world. The Experiences are hosted by caring experts and will allow guests for gently observe the animals and develop a sense of connection with animals. The initiative was created in conjunction with World Animal Protection, an organisation that works to protect animals. Some of the highlighted Animal Experiences are Tea with Naughty Sheep, Urban Rooftop Beekeeping, or Chilling Out with Alpacas.

Go Paddleboarding with Corgis

Churchill home insurance have released a new campaign, revealing a very laid back and chilled attitude. They have revamped the much-loved bulldog into a skateboarding version of his former nodding-self – the dog days are not over! With this ad, they want to show how easy and effortlessly insurance should be for customers – they can chill while ‘Churchie’ does all the work for them.

Ohhhhh yes

In China, our four legged friends do more than advertise products and relax holiday makers, their owners are turning pampered pooches into a market worth an estimated $2.6 billion. According to Ipsos, China is in the top three countries in the world where people are likely to feel lonely. With many people brought up without siblings, they are increasingly turning to their pets as a focus of attention. A staggering 41% of owners take their pet to the beauty salon and 4.5% have done photo shoots for their animals.

It’s a dog’s life


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