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MediaCom UK’s May Webinar Round-up

This month our senior leadership spoke at virtual events in categories across the industry; from OOH and radio to the new car market and consumer privacy in the digital space. Read on to hear their thoughts!

Auto Trader Insights webinar: Marketing and the new car recovery

Luke Bozeat, MediaCom UK’s Chief Operating Officer, joined Ian Plummer, Commercial Director at Auto Trader Group plc; Marc Palmer, Manufacturer & Agency Brand Director at Auto Trader Group plc; Jon Davies, Brand Partnerships Director at Autotrader Group plc; Erin Baker, New Car Editorial Director at Auto Trader Group plc; and Chris Maples, Agency Lead at Auto Trader Group plc.

Luke joined these senior Autotrader panellists to give an update on the market, plus how agencies and brands can survive. The webinar provided the latest insights on market and buyer data, new audience profiling, best content and stories for buyers, and how brands can lead the market’s recovery.

During the webinar, Luke discussed his personal experience of Lockdown and building a new routine as well as the changes in consumer behaviours businesses need to be aware of. Hear more insights by watching the clips below!

Access the full webinar here.

Radiocentre’s Tuning In Livestream

Geoff de Burca, MediaCom UK’s Chief Strategy Officer, joined Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre; Daniel Finkelstein, Times columnist and House of Lords member; Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott, hosts of Magic’s breakfast show; Tony Moorey, Group Content Director for Magic and Absolute Radio at Bauer Media; and Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radiocentre.

With over 1,000 ‘attendees’, Radiocentre’s Tuning In livestream changed the Leicester Square’s IMAX Theatre to a home event. Geoff took to the (virtual) stage for his debut Tuning In talk on “What next for the Economy, brands and media, and where radio fits in.” Geoff began by providing an update on the nation’s attitude via a YouGov Mood Tracker; positively, happiness is the leading feeling, but frustration sees an increase as lockdown prolongs.

Moving on, Geoff covered topics such as recovery and the rebalancing of media consumption by using countries like China who are further ahead in their COVID-19 journey. In terms of radio, he predicts listening will continue its surge as the number of people working from home will remain high. To find out more on this topic, including the new FOGO vs YOLO attitudes emerging, check out the video clips below!

You can watch all the speakers’ videos here.

Advertising in the privacy-first web

Richard Davies, MediaCom UK’s Chief Digital Officer, joined Ben Walmsley, Commercial Director for The Sun, The Times and Sunday Times; Cadi Jones, Commercial Director EMEA at Beeswax; and Damon Reeves, CEO of The Ozone Project.

An ISBA report suggests digital advertising isn’t serving the best interests of advertisers or publishers, and privacy regulations suggest digital advertising fails the consumer – this begs the question, ‘Is the current model of digital advertising broken?’

From GDPR to the death of the cookie, the panellists examined the privacy issues digital advertisers face today and how they can successfully move forward when matters such as consumer privacy continue to garner attention and seismically change the industry.  Richard gives his views on topics such as the helpfulness (or hindrance) of media success measurements and more. Click on the links below to hear further insight on the future of digital advertising.

Watch the full webcast here.

An Evening of Conversation: Out of Home & Wine with Tom Goddard & Friends

Gill Reid, Board Director of Out of Home, joined Tom Goddard, Ocean Chairman; Tim Bleakley, Ocean Group CEO; Alistair MacCallum, UK CEO of Kinetic Worldwide; Barry Cupples, Group CEO at Talon Outdoor; Chris Marjoram, Managing Director for Rapport; and Stephen Whyte, Global President for Posterscope.

For a night of great company and a glass (or two) of wine, Tom Goddard hosted an evening of conversation with the leadership of 5 major OOH media planning agencies. Over the course of the conversation, Tom & friends covered general lockdown life to specific changes in OOH, including questions like ‘How will you sell OOH differently after lockdown?’, ‘Will the public’s outdoor behaviour change after lockdown?’ and ‘Which brands or categories are investing – or should invest – in advertising?’

Our Board Director of OOH, Gill Reid, commented on many of these areas acknowledging the transition to local living brought about by the restrictions on spontaneity and freedom. She predicts going forward that “the use of data is now paramount”, particularly recent mobile data, as these new data sources will enrich pre-lockdown practices. Gill also remarked that the increased agility and flexibility demonstrated during lockdown will be another positive change for clients. Gather more insights on OOH changes in the videos below!

Access the full webinar by clicking here.

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