Marketing Analytics

As the largest econometrics team across media agencies in the UK, MediaCom’s specialist marketing analytics division; Business Science, offers a range of modelling and analytic services to help our clients understand how their marketing is working and how to optimise it.

Business Science exists to ensure that MediaCom invests our clients’ marketing budgets optimally to drive maximum return for their businesses. We do this through actionable analytics delivered through our market leading technology. 

Our core services/products

Marketing Mix Modelling (Econometric Modelling)
Economiser is MediaCom’s econometric or ‘Marketing Mix Modelling’ (MMM) service. Economiser quantifies the key drivers of sales over time for a business, isolating the influence of factors such as media, pricing & promotions, distribution, competitors, weather and the economy.

Real time modelling
Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is the gold standard evaluation methodology for measuring communications effectiveness. It does have one flaw, namely the time required to model and create reports. In-Campaign Tracker solves this ‘time problem’, aiding reactive planning decisions by providing an early read on campaign and business performance, via a lead business indicator such as web visits.

 Budget setting and optimisation (within brands and across markets and portfolios)
MOT (Media Optimisation Tool) is a web-based media budget allocation system. Fuelled by econometric modelling, it enables complex budgeting scenarios to be run in seconds. MOT can be directly accessed by both clients and media planning teams for

Brand health modelling
Contact Optimiser quantifies the incremental uplift on brand health measures from exposure to media. Its respondent level methodology allows for a very granular reporting of effectiveness. Combined with econometric modelling, it quantifies the longer-term return on investment from communications.

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Head of Department
Jane Christian, Head of Business Science,