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How does a brand stand on top of Everest?

We know that Berocca is perfect for helping to tackle tough moments daily, and for helping to support your energy* but MediaCom UK and Berocca wanted to change those outdated perceptions but to change well-founded ideas, you need to create something memorable and extreme.

Our response to this challenge was for Berocca to ad-fund Channel 4’s programme Extreme Everest, starring adventurer and ex-soldier Ant Middleton. Alongside this, we centred Berocca’s new creative platform, ‘No day too tough’*, on injecting positivity into tough moments. To bring everything to life, we worked with Channel 4 and Middleton to envisage the toughest day imaginable; climbing world’s tallest mountain, Everest.

Ant Middleton’s credible voice and challenging journey showed consumers that Berocca could help them face life’s most physically tough moments too,* while also driving product understanding, while demonstrating Berocca’s benefits of supporting energy release and mental performance**, building relevance among consumers and driving branded fame.

Airing during peak-time on Channel 4 at 9:30pm on Sunday 11th November, the episode delivered the biggest audience of any C4 AFP. Berocca featured in the show’s promotion, and we supported the broadcast with a series of video diaries (including an immersive 360° video shot by Ant en-route). Ant’s social posts delivered further reach, and the show even featured on Gogglebox.

And the results spoke for themselves:

  • The show reached 1.7 million individual viewers (+53% vs slot average for ABC1Adults) and was rated 3-5 stars by 96% of viewers.
  • It trended 4th on Twitter on the night (ahead of David Attenborough)
  • Awareness of Berocca was 84% among viewers (13% higher than non-viewers); Purchase intent grew by 17% and consideration by 30%
  • The stores where we activated the campaign experienced a 308% sales uplift
  • 2/3 of the viewers and 95% of people exposed to the supporting content took action.

*Berocca contains vitamins B1 and B2, which support energy release.
**Berocca also contains vitamin B5, which supports energy release and mental performance.


Paul Kershaw, Partner
Paul Tremain, Managing Partner,  Joint Head of Mediacom Beyond Advertising
Daniel Wood, Managing Partner, Head of Partnerships
Huong Nguyen, Associate Director
Louise Wright, Business Director
Andrew Gifford, Broadcast Sponsorship Manager
Rory Graham, Associate Director
Kelsey O’Neal, Associate Director
Anna Townsend, Senior Planner
Ewan Killeen, Media Executive
Lauren Day, Partnerships Planner
Luke Bennett, Connect Manager
Nikolas Postinger, Social Media Manager
Dominic Pearson, Paid Social Planner Buyer


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