I am genuinely interested because, it seems, that it is something even more varied than how you eat your Cadbury’s Creme Egg!

Personally, the only thing I watch live is football, literally, everything else I watch is on-demand, either through my 55” TV but or my tablet during my frequent long train journeys to London. My mum on the other hand still tends to sit down every evening and watch what is on at the time. My kids are completely different again and will happily spend their (allotted) screen time captivated by the most eye-bleedingly awful collection of prank videos and other YouTube gems.

We are in a platinum age of TV content but the fragmentation of how, where and when we watch makes it harder for advertisers to find the right route. It’s not just advertisers, the broadcasters are having to experiment with scheduling ideas to try and fit in with how consumers want things.  Under increasing pressure from the binge-watch opportunities that Netflix and Prime have created we are seeing more examples of programmes being scheduled on a weekly basis whilst at the same time every episode is made available to watch instantly. ITV have tried what they call ‘strip scheduling’ which is where a drama series will be shown over successive nights, which again reduces the time required between seeing the first and the last episode.

What further changes will the upcoming additions of Disney and Apple’s On Demand offerings have on our viewing habits?  In short, we don’t know but it’s because of this that our next MediaCom Engage event is on The Future of AV.  So if you want to find out what the future holds according to the likes of Sky, YouTube and Thinkbox amongst others then sign up here for this not to be missed event.



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