Have you had a real conversation today?

One of my New years resolutions this year was to have more meaningful conversations and build deeper connections with the people I know. Since I made this one of my objectives, it has come to my attention that many people would agree that with the rise of Social Media and technology in general, we’re losing touch and having less deep and long conversations with the people that surround us.

Social Media has been blamed as one of the aggravating causes of Mental Health and since October is Mental Health month, I thought it would be interesting to see what media initiatives brands/businesses are doing, to tackle this important issue.

During the final of Britain’s Got Talent, presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, introduced a new ITV campaign called Britain Get Talking. They explained that over the last 15 years there has been a 48% increase in anxiety and depression amongst children, yet simply listening to each other and getting together is very important to build mental wellness. After this speech, they encouraged everyone to spend a minute at home speaking to the people around them.

You can expect to see this campaign hijacking different ad breaks, featuring familiar ITV faces and brands who will encourage you to use their silence to start conversations with the people at home.

I completely understand that sometimes it’s challenging to start these “deep” conversations with the people that surround you, so after some research I have found a game that will facilitate it. We’re not really strangers is an Instagram account that shares quotes that everyone can relate to (not the cheesy type), the owner of this account, developed a card game from a desire of building deeper connections and relationships. It has 3 different levels with 50 questions per level. The first level is all about perception; assumptions we make about each other, the second is about connection; the rarely asked questions, and the last level is about reflection; once the connection is built with the other player you are ready to reflect together.

It’s a relief to see that many efforts are being made to tackle Mental health and build positive relationships with the people that surround you, seeing big companies like ITV, Gillette or Seat is definitely a good push for us to start doing our part. So, before the end of the month, go for coffee with a friend and ask them how they really are, and who knows maybe the card game will be a good stock filler now that Christmas is approaching.


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