Go Sky Connecting with Sports Fans: How MediaCom Launched a Mobile App for Sky

Go Sky Connecting with Sports Fans - How MediaCom Launched a Mobile App for Sky

Early attempts at mobile TV had been hampered by poor quality screens and a lack of viewable content. With the smartphone and app culture blossoming in the UK, Sky recognized the opportunity to deliver the most captivating live sporting moments to millions of fans.

Sky ushered in the mobile TV era with the launch of Sky Sports, and it didn’t take long for the Sky Go App to become an instant hit. But with nearly 725,000 apps in Apple’s App Store, how could we make sure that the Sky app wasn’t lost in the sea of gimmicky and one-hit wonder apps?

MediaCom developed a targeted media strategy around passionate sports fans. The goal was to make them aware of Sky Go whenever they were viewing, playing or even thinking about sports.


For the most ardent and obsessive sports fans, being able to watch their favorite teams live – anytime, anywhere – is the ultimate experience. Our primary goal was to demonstrate to fans that the Sky Go app delivers a thrilling, live sports  experience. We also had to prove that it adds value to a Sky subscription, making users the envy of those without it.


We wanted to own the times when fans are thinking about sports but aren’t able to watch in person by recommended the Sky Go app as a fresh and exciting alternative.

Target audience

Because sports fans are creatures of habit, we were able to geo-target them at football stadiums, gyms and other sports-related venues. Then we sent them an SMS/MMS suggesting that they download the app immediately… and we made sure to target these texts only to handsets compatible with our app. Of course, Sky’s poster sites were tagged with Sky Go messaging, ensuring that our advertising also tempted fans.

Finally, every time sports fans went for a mobile fix – checking club news, breaking developments or the latest scores – our display ads were there, urging them to download our app.


More than half a million sports fans now feed their habit with the Sky Go app, making it one of iTunes’ most downloaded apps of 2011. And once fans downloaded the app, they became hooked: Sky saw five million streams in just three weeks. Our SMS activity delivered average CTRs more than 170% above the existing industry bench mark, and display CTRs delivered 133% above average throughout the entire campaign.

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