Paddy Power
From Russia with Equal Love

Creativity is core to Paddy Power; it’s what is most important when it comes to cutting through sound and keeping the brand at the forefront of its field.

For Paddy Power, the 2018 World Cup posed a challenge that was too good to pass up on, especially as it offers the opportunity make a splash on an international scale. However, to make a splash on a big scale, the creativity and courage had to be enormous! We took a two-campaigned approach, focussing first on environmentalism and then homophobia.

Environmentalism: We started by ‘spray-painting’ a St George cross on a Polar Bear… and the animal-loving British public had something to say about it! We ensured reach by leaking a video online and set live a wrap in the Metro to ensure maximum coverage. A day later, Paddy Power owned up to it being a prank, establishing themselves as the masters of provocation while also making an important point about the endangered state of these magnificent beasts. The timing of the media planning and buying couldn’t have been more important in grabbing attention before highlighting the important message beneath the hype.

Homophobia: The second stunt pulled by Paddy Power for the World Cup worked on an even bigger scale. Drawing on their existing work of championing LGBTQ+ inclusivity, we worked together to draw attention to Russia’s homophobia problems. Every time that Russia scored, Paddy Power donated £10,000 to Attitude magazine’s foundation, with the funds being used to support LGBTQ+ inclusivity in football.

Yes, we challenged the Russian establishment in the close aftermath of one of the most politically sensitive periods in British / Russian relations, but this is class Paddy Power. By 24th June, Paddy Power was the most talked about brand in the World Cup conversations in the UK and the fifth most talked about brand in World Cup conversations globally, even though it’s a brand only available in the UK and Ireland.

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