What does a typical day look like for you?

My alarm goes off every morning at 4.30am. I get into work most days at around 5.45am & start preparing straight away to make sure everything is ready for when we open at 7.30am. I have very high standards, so everything has to be perfect, no excuses.

I’ve been doing my job for 35 years – 21 of which have been with MediaCom! They were my clients for 10 years when they were based in Euston and then when they outgrew their old offices they brought me with them. Karen created Meet & Eat for me to run.

Have there been any company initiatives Meet & Eat have been involved with?

We’ve been closely involved with the Green Team; I’m just finishing off old stock and then we’re changing over to biodegradable products and wooden cutlery …no more plastic!!

I’ve also been closely involved with Belinda Parmar OBE from the Empathy Business which I really enjoyed.

What’s your favourite thing about working at MediaCom?

My favourite thing about working at MediaCom is seeing so many fabulous people on a daily basis, including those from our offices all over the world – I’ve been lucky enough to meet their families too. I’ve made some amazing friends over the years.

Best memory so far?

Too many!! Karen getting her OBE, Claudine getting married and, of course, MediaCom  winning Agency of the Year to name a few.

How has MediaCom changed since the time you’ve been here?

MediaCom has changed hugely over the years…with loads of initiatives focusing on diversity and inclusion. Also, it’s amazing that we now have Mental Health Allies here at work. It really is good to talk and to know you have support in the work place.

Flexible working is also a brilliant initiative. Work and life balance has always been important at MediaCom, it’s also great to see a balanced work force at all levels, although there’s still a lot to be done here.

Another couple to mention are the Apprentice and Exec schemes and how MediaCom has celebrated International Women’s Day over the last couple of years – it’s great to have so many fabulous women here.

Who’s got the biggest tab?

That would be telling!!!

Strangest sandwich you’ve ever made?

Brown toast, Dijon mustard, crunchy peanut butter, fried egg, Tabasco & Ketchup!! I will never ever forget that sandwich.

Do you have a favourite customer?

Yes, I’m not telling though (too many)

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