Exterion’s DX3 launches to market

It seems crazy that it was almost a decade ago that Exterion (CBS at the time) launched the first Digital Escalator Panels at Tottenham Court Road Underground station. Since then there has been an explosion of digital opportunities vying for advertisers’ pounds and the pressure has been on for Exterion to pull it out of the bag with their new digital cross-track offering – DX3.

Their new offering has been a long time coming, but in our view, will be worth it.

Exterion have partnered with NEC Display solutions to create the next generation in digital cross-track screens. These screens will be bigger (48 sheet size) and, importantly, better than ever before, offering cinematic quality production with a true wow factor, offering the quality and stature that has previously been lacking from this execution.

Using Route and TFL data to influence the locations for the screens, the locations have been strategically selected to capitalise on areas with the highest footfall and dwell time across the underground network.

As well as a major advancement in terms of look and feel the new screens will also have the advantage of being fully connected which makes buying space dynamically a real possibility at some stage in the not so distant future. In addition, (almost) real time links to social platforms could be facilitated, which opens up many possibilities from a content sharing perspective.

Exterion are treading very carefully with this new proposition and are committed to fully road testing the format before setting live and rolling out gradually. The launch date is currently anticipated to be September 15, subject to conclusion of significant trials. We therefore very much expect the format to be a success, and are excited about getting our brands on board.

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