Effectively Navigating The HFSS Legislation

Thanks to a combination of freshly made bread, fresh salad and a range of proteins, SUBWAY® has been widely recognised as a healthy option amongst QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brands. However, SUBWAY® does cater for a wide range of occasions and tastes, and not all their products fall outside the classification of High Fat, Salt or Sugar (HFSS).

Managing advertising activity for HFSS products places a number of demands on the agency team, both in terms of media buying and ensuring that we remain in compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the regulations.

We have found that there are three key disciplines that have allowed us to effectively manage HFSS activity without compromising campaign effectiveness:

Team Knowledge:

Whilst it is sensible for specialist internal teams to own the nutritional agenda, SUBWAY® have extended this knowledge to wider teams within the business and agencies. A working knowledge of HFSS regulations, specific to your business, and their implications, will enable agencies to effectively navigate any potential issues. Educating teams and building clear direction at each stage of the communications journey is essential for success.

Effective Planning:

The implications of HFSS legislation needs to be at the core of planning, whether this is evaluating a sponsorship opportunity for an HFSS brand or booking HFSS and non-HFSS TV copy for a specific campaign. Not embedding this, building in both the time and additional processes, can lead to efficiency drains (i.e. having to re-book activity) or media owners refusing to run copy.

Consumer Trends:

As explored within our report a few weeks ago, there are industry wide guidelines regarding the impact of the new HFSS legislation. This stated, the legislation does puts additional emphasis on understanding media consumption trends; rather than restrictive these can open different avenues and opportunities for campaigns and communication strategy.

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