In order to cut through such a competitive market, eBay focusses on bringing out the personality behind the brown parcel, celebrating the vibrancy of their marketplace, the passions and individuality of their shoppers and sellers. They see their platform as a reflection of society and the events in today’s world. This is best displayed during a cultural moment that captures the nation, such as the release of a new movie.

With the latest Star Wars release, sales of physical media, memorabilia and collectibles sky-rocketed on eBay, and so part of their creative strategy saw them tap into these movie moments in imaginative ways. Partnerships with Disney have seen everything from the creation of a 10-foot hydraulic Hulkbuster suit (in line with the Avengers release) to building a 7 tonne TIE Silencer from Star Wars with the help of YouTuber Colin Furze. These phenomenal builds were caught on video and turned into social content to engage eBay fans and showcase the possibilities that their marketplace can offer. Everything created by Colin Furze was shoppable on eBay and the results were as epic as the builds.

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