A media market update – an in-depth look at what’s been happening in: Print: revenue forecast for 2016 -6.8%

Coach announces first ABC Results

In an increasingly competitive free market there was some scepticism surrounding the launch of COACH magazine back in October 2015. Trying to dig out a niche position within this sector has become a difficult task over the last couple of years, particularly with the already-established NME going free a month earlier.

COACH’s success is an incredibly positive story for the market and print as a whole, with the title exceeding expectations to deliver an audited circulation of 300,704 – rubber stamped by the ABC.


MediaCom POV

This is a great story for a MediaCom partner as well as the market in general; it was a brave decision last year to launch this title and it’s great to see such bravery well rewarded, proving that if the product is right, the time is right. The key now for COACH’s future success will be how they can grow further, both in delivering a print solution but also finding their USP as a brand.


Commercial opportunity

COACH’s recent solidified position verifies its addition to media plans and offers an opportunity to reach new audiences. The added competition to already-established titles such as ShortList and Stylist should enable the leverage of stronger deals, helping boost reach and reduce cost simultaneously.


The Independent combined reach increased 12% in last year

Despite the recent closure of The Independent newspaper, the combined audience reach increased 12% in the publication’s final year as a print product. The figures released from Pamco will make for pleasant reading for ESI chiefs who made the bold call to close the longstanding print product and focus 100% on digital.

The news comes at a seemingly prosperous time for print brands in a digital forum; The Sun removed its paywall in November 2015 and has since increased desktop figures by 228%, accounting for an audience of 2.78 million.

Simon Redican, the CEO of Pamco, suggests that “these latest numbers provide further proof of the rude health of the published media sector”, with mobile particularly impressing thanks to an annual growth of 11% across all publishers.


MediaCom POV

With print declines at the forefront of the media mind over the last several years, it comes as a great reassurance that brands are learning and moving forwards, making progressive strides into a competitive digital market, and succeeding – not just making up the numbers.


Commercial opportunity

The continued growth of these publishers provides great scope for print brands to challenge large scale digital networks, offering bespoke audiences along with the benefit of guaranteeing where ads will appear.

If this trend continues, it gives newsbrands a fantastic advantage over competitive media forms as they can offer a tailored 360 response to client briefs, using both website and paper products to hit an array of audience members previously inaccessible to brands. The added bonus of this is an ability to cover a wider scale of demographics within the same campaign solution.

The cross-platform solutions also offer the opportunity to have a fresh approach with regard to campaign negotiation, with more variety in how we can obtain value for clients. The amount of scale across a publisher site ensures that things like Native content can become a viable inclusion on any campaign.


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