As part of our "People First" philosophy, our primary focus is to grow our talent, not just as media practitioners, but as people.

Our responsibility is to make MediaCom a Place to Grow.

We want to create an environment that encourages and rewards people who are relentless in their desire to develop and are inspired to lead -not manage- their clients. Part of this is giving employees every opportunity to grow and adapt.

What does this mean for our people? A chance to Grow Your CareerGrow You and Grow Together.


Our people's growth starts from the moment they join us. We have a multi-format induction approach to help set them up for success. It’s a three-month journey including a meeting with other new starters for a broad snapshot of the company, presentations, Q&As and a quick-fire intro to each department that we like to call the MediaCom Jam!

Training and Development

We have a comprehensive training programme that ensures everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be. There are targeted programmes for every level to help our people develop their skills and progress their career, including skills training specific to their role, in-depth digital training, and leadership development.

Career Mobility

When we find the right person, we don’t like to lose them! So when our people are ready for a new challenge, we welcome conversations about a different department, a new client or a new discipline – be that a sideways move or a promotion.

Connected Pitching

Connected Pitching is MediaCom’s annual faux pitching event where everyone across the agency gets the opportunity to participate in the pitch process. It’s an industry-leading course that provides you with a thorough understanding of the strategic and implementational approach to pitching.

Method Planning

Our Method Insight programme enables MediaCommers to get out into the real world and under the skin of the consumer to discover what makes them tick. Working in the same way as Method acting, teams are rewarded for how far they can push themselves into the lives of their audience.

Pinch from a Pitch

Pinch from a Pitch is a regular event in which we share work from new business pitches. Pitch teams take MediaCommers through the processes, ideas and learnings from a recent pitch process in order to give everyone a better understanding of the world of New Business.


At MediaCom, we believe in investing in our people as much as possible. We strive to create a comfortable working environment for everyone, ensuring we offer a work-life balance, and it all starts with the individual.


We’ve put Mindfulness at the heart of the agency’s training programme to ensure that we have the techniques to be as creative as possible, and methods to allow us to deal with stress and pressure effectively. Mindfulness encourages creativity, resilience and helps us to feel more alive!

Communication Dynamics

These training sessions allow our people to understand themselves and those around them more deeply. This knowledge helps us all to communicate more effectively with each other and our clients, providing the right level of information, at the right time and with the right tone and approach.

Freshness Fund

Freshness Fund is all about creating an environment where creativity is celebrated and people are inspired and supported in exploring their interests outside of the office, from learning a language, painting, wine tasting, circus skills, stand-up comedy, horse whispering or ballet shoemaking.


We recognise that businesses should work as systems, not silos, and therefore have various initiatives in place to help us grow together as people and as a company. Be it work or play, we want every employee to feel part of the MediaCom team.

Big Conversation

We really strive for an open dialogue throughout the company. The Big Conversation gives employees the opportunity to hear from our CEO Josh and submit anonymous questions so that they can really learn more about what goes on in the agency from senior management.

MediaCom Talks

These are regular sessions that encourage people from across the building to talk for five minutes on a designated, but very open, topic. Subject matters have ranged from ‘Creativity’ to ‘2017’ and have challenged and inspired new thinking.

Social Club

It’s important to spend time away from the office and to unwind and bond. Our social club organises events throughout the year, from an overnight stay to karaoke sessions, themed nights and cinema trips. Events are funded by both the company and individuals, so look no further for a value for money night out!

If I Ran the Company

We want our employees to be involved in improving and evolving the agency, so we offer the opportunity to pitch ideas in groups to our senior management. This helps us come up with innovative thinking and ensures that everyone has a voice on important agency issues and reinforces our ‘One MediaCom’ philosophy.

Lunch & Learn

We invite inspiring and thought-provoking people into the building every couple of months to talk about what makes them tick. The sessions often cover topics outside the world outside of media planning and buying. Special guests so far include Pixar Animation Studios’ Matthew Luhn, renowned digital prophet Shingy and Goldsmiths’ psychology and neuroscience lecturer Rebecca Chamberlain.

Back to the Shop Floor

There is always something to be learned from different parts of the vast MediaCom Business, and the industry as a whole. Back to the Shop Floor encourages our senior members of staff to spend time working with a team on the ground to see the reality of daily life for employees and learn from it.