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Hur kan man som varumärke bäst engagera sig i Clubhouse?

Den sociala medieplattformen Clubhouse har blivit extremt populär på rekordtid och i januari öppnades Clubhouse för svenska användare. Hur fungerar Clubhouse och vad behöver du som annonsör veta om den nya plattformen. Vår Head of Creative Systems Nick Bauer svarar på några av de stora frågetecknena kring plattformen.

Should brands get involved with Clubhouse?

Despite the current lack of advertising options, there are some definite benefits to brands due to the way that Clubhouse facilitates chance encounters with influential people sharing the same niche interest. It’s a great way of connecting with relevant people, particularly in the B2B services space (marketing, tech, finance, corporate law etc). If you can establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry, then there is huge potential for building trust and credibility for your brand, which can generate valuable leads. For consumer brands in Sweden though, I’d say we’re a long way off the necessary scale for Clubhouse to be of serious interest as a communications channel right now. Nevertheless, Swedish brands could use Clubhouse even today as a tool for researching new products and ideas, by setting up a Clubhouse room as a virtual focus group.

Is it currently relevant for any brands outside of B2B?

Due to the high concentration of journalists on the platform, I would say that it has huge potential as a PR channel for content companies that publish music, tv, film or literature, since they can cheaply and effectively use Clubhouse to host Q&As with the creators behind the content. The fact that ‘normal people’ can now get access via Clubhouse to these creators/celebrities to ask questions is in itself of PR value and can be communicated widely in other channels, to create buzz around the promotional campaign.

Is Clubhouse really going to take off?

The two big issues for Clubhouse are content relevance and competition. It’s currently very difficult to find rooms that are relevant unless you are passionate about Bitcoin, NFTs or how to become a billionaire. The platform needs to improve its algorithm so people can be automatically presented with relevant rooms of real quality, otherwise they will simply leave the app. We managed to exist without live audio rooms before the pandemic and we will again, unless the quality of the experience demands our attention, so that when you open the app you discover lots of great rooms and speakers, every time.

There’s also a major risk that other platforms could copy its functionality, and steal Clubhouse’s momentum. Twitter is already doing this, with its new audio ‘Spaces’ feature, while Facebook has ‘Messenger Rooms’ for groups and events, which it is rumoured to be updating in order to capitalise on Clubhouse’s success. Reddit is an ideal candidate for creating a ‘Clubhouse-killer’ due the fact that it already has highly engaged, niche groups. For some brands this might delay their participation with Clubhouse, out of concern that getting too heavily involved now may come to nothing if the app is overtaken by a competitor.

Vi hade också ett webinar i mars för våra kunder där Nick gick igenom allt du behöver veta.

  • What is Clubhouse, what does it do, what is it for?
  • The Positives
  • The Negatives
  • Basic rules of engagement
  • What’s in it for brands?
  • How marketers can get the most out of Clubhouse

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