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A Yes can last a lifetime

We needed to get a higher volume of donations out of the same budget as the previous year, in an inflationary market. Using systems thinking to build a series of incremental gains, closing the gaps in their previous year’s plan, turning media into either being addressable or accessible. This expanded the available touch-points for people to donate, and drove a significant increase in donations: +18% on YoY donations, +23% on YoY online donations and +41% new online donors.


We recognised that charities often stay within their comfort zone meaning change is difficult for them to accept. In 2016, MediaCom won SVP and repeating past media routes was a sheltered option. Previous plans seemed more aligned to SVP processes rather than their donors.

SVP relied on few, but generous donations and traditional methods such as budget collections. They saw media only as awareness building. However donations were declining, and more was needed in 2016.

We knew that in this age of convenience, where there is a surge in contactless devices, voice recognition and one touch payments, donors’ habits had evolved. An urban landscape that’s more immediately transactionable, means more opportunities to donate, more people available who can donate and ultimately more donations. And with media being closer to the point of transaction, that media’s role should move beyond awareness and focus on working backwards from all these touchpoints.


By working backwards from all the new donation touchpoints, we were able to incrementally close the gaps in their communication model and grow the base of potential donors. This led us to two roles for media: Addressable and Accessible.



We introduced Spotlift to analyse the immediate impact the AV campaign was having on donation volumes. Airtime was adjusted, continually gathering efficiency across the 6 week campaign. Better optimised airtime means less waste and saved budget to invest across other touchpoints.

We created the ‘love bomb’ where the media (editorial and commercial) was invited to the offices of SVP to be taken through this year’s campaign and get testimonials from those that they have helped out of poverty in the past by this charity. And after this event we pitched to fund free media space out of the media owners’ internal sustainability budgets and goodwill.


This innovative approach to negotiation freed budget, which allowed us to direct more spend into (primariliy DSP) digital channels. All online activity was transaction based and was used to make donating more immediately accessible to more people, including people who do not regularly give to charity. Our gathering of conversion pixel data on the SVP page allowed us to create lookalike prospects segments and enabled us to expand beyond demographic attributes in order to drive new donors into the category.


  1. Our AV campaign reached 95% of the population,
  2. Our use of Spotlift saved €43,000 on the 2015, representing a saving of 24%.
  3. The Love Bomb / Sustainability negotiation resulted in the below additional campaign value.

€653,764 – Print value

€129,930 – OOH value

€30,991 – Cinema value

€247,000 – Digital value resulting in 24.7 million impressions

Total Free media Space secured: €1,061,685

  • This year’s campaign for SVP achieved its highest ever return from online donations, breaking €1.1million for the first time . Representing an increase of 23% year-on-year and 41% increase on new online donors. This in turn helped drive a significant increase in total donations up 18% year-on-year.
  • Spontaneous awareness grew from 33% to 40% over the course of our campaign (nfpSynergy).

The SVP Annual Appeal is incredibly important to the existence of the Society and is one of the largest charity campaigns in Ireland. It is responsible for raising approx. 70% of our voluntary funding each year and helps us to reach over 50,000 families each Christmas. We couldn’t have been happier with the outcomes achieved in this year’s Annual Appeal. The strategic approach, enthusiasm and relentless effort from the Mediacom team had a transformative effect on this campaign and its potential.

 An increase in 23% in online giving was a phenomenal result, especially given the value of donations concerned. Breaking the €1 million mark for the first time with online giving was an historic moment for SVP. This increase in donations has been reflected in all other channels at national and local level, with reported gains ranging from 15 to 20%.

 The effect of this increase in income will stretch far beyond the immediate relief given at Christmas. It will provide food, fuel and education opportunities for families to break the cycle of poverty. This support and opportunity for change can ripple through families, communities and generations.

 We are really excited to work with the Mediacom team again in 2017 and beyond.”

Daniel Alvey, Fundraising Team, St. Vincent de Paul.

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