Preparing for the era of the 6 second ad

The 6 second format has built up buzz since Google threw its stake in the ground. Which was closely followed by Fox announcing it was on board with 6 second video ads in the US and, at the end of last month, Facebook revealed it was going to work on its 6 second ad game.

Candace Cluck, director of consumer experience for Michelin North America, suggests that such spots could be ideal for reaching millennials and Gen Z consumers with shorter attention spans. Maud Deitch, who works in Instagram’s creative department, explained: “You can really get to a level of poignancy and a level of human connection that you cannot get to even in a 15-second spot, it’s because you sort of have to understand your subject matter, your medium, your production tools so much more intimately in order to make use of six seconds in an effective way.”

A recent Google-led study on its bumper ads found that 9 out of 10 of them drove ad recall, while 61 percent lifted brand awareness. According to Jake Malanoski customer acquisition director for Green Chef “We tend to use seven-second spots, interestingly enough, if we are trying to reach someone for the first time, the shorter the better. If we are retargeting, we can play a 15 or a 30. Part of the theory there is that if somebody hasn’t heard of you, they are not going to give you the time of day.”

MediaCom Ireland’s Take

We know that on channels such as social media, audiences seemingly have an ever-decreasing attention span for our advertisement, with every opportunity that we get, with a limited time with consumers, we need to make sure we are getting our brand across.

The rise of 6 second and short form video content could be a good thing. It provides a useful limitation to force on the key message our brands want to get across to its consumers however it does raise the question; Are your brands creating fit for purpose video content online?

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