Dublin podcast festival turns up volume on thriving medium

This week sees the staging of the first ever Dublin Podcast Festival with Irish and international podcasts staging live recordings in venues across the city. The Dublin Podcast Festival takes place from September 19th to 30th.

It features ‘Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling’ authors Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, ‘The Irish Times Women’s Podcast’ with Róisín Ingle and ‘An Irish Man Abroad’ with Jarlath Regan featuring Roddy Doyle. 

There will also be discussions and workshops taking place in various venues in Dublin City, covering everything from crime to food to music to literature to football, film, comedy, and so much more.

MediaCom Ireland’s Take

Podcasts have exploded and Irish people are loving them. As a nation, we love story telling and podcast are the perfect medium for Irish audiences to indulge with.
Podcasts have been around since 2000 and were, until relatively recently, consumed by a niche audience it’s only now that the medium is truly recognised as mainstream by consumers and as an alternative to FM.
Globally podcast advertising revenue grew at a double-digit rate from 2015 to 2016, and the growth is forecast to build in 2017 according to the latest research from IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Study.
It’s exciting to see this medium take off, from the cultural breakthrough podcasts like Serial to the cult following of The Guilt Feminist, the medium has huge potential for growth.
Non audio broadcast media are embracing the platform with zest. The Irish Times and The Independent are already tapping into the audience opportunities, with their own tailor-made content.
For Irish advertisers, it opens a whole new means of delivering bite-sized content that can be complemented online and offline. We are starting to see a range of advertising opportunities around podcasts from sponsorship, AFP’s and advertising placements. It’s clear the medium has had a major effect on listening habits and will continue to. A space very much to be watch, especially with 2018 planning in full swing!

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