Ad Pick: GNI and RGII ‘Even if it’s Daniel’

This week’s ad pick of the week is from Senior Account Manager Sarah Harris. Sarah has chosen Gas Networks Ireland and the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland’s “Even If It’s Daniel” Campaign.

“Even If It’s Daniel” is my ad spot this week. It stands out to me because it is exactly the opposite of what you would expect from GNI (Gas Networks Ireland) and the RGII (Registered Gas Installers of Ireland).

It uses humour and celebrity to bring a campaign about boiler and gas safety to life. The spot sees a delighted superfan finally welcome hero, Daniel O’Donnell, into her rather fan-tastically decked living room. However, her excitement soon flickers out as Daniel innocently asks if she’d like him to check her problematic boiler.
Over the past few years GNI and the RGII have used informative messaging to warn people of the dangers of letting anyone who isn’t a registered gas installer near your boiler, but that kind of messaging can have a very tough time cutting through especially in such a cluttered advertising environment. Let’s be honest, boiler and gas safety isn’t exactly the most exciting basis for a campaign.

When you see the words “Registered Gas Installer” displayed across your TV screen you’re more likely to take the opportunity to go for a power nap than to sit up and pay attention! Instead the extremely over the top Daniel O’Donnell memorabilia, Mary’s excitement and of course the lovely Daniel himself, all capture your attention and generate intrigue. The humour makes it memorable and a lot more likely to stick in your head than your average safety message.”

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