Content partnership for Moda, created by Dulux launches

In collaboration with RTÉ Create, MediaCom's content partnership for Moda, created by Dulux, went live last week on the RTE Player.

‘The Good Room’ features Gaff Interiors (Caroline Foran and Jo Linehan) as presenters for the six part series which aims to take the fear out of choosing a paint colour for your home. The series sees them travel around Ireland transforming bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms inspiring the homeowners and our viewers to bring life back into their homes, using the Moda, created by Dulux, colour palette.

It is all about giving homeowners some simple can-do inspiration and the confidence to bring out their own personal style through their choice of colour.

Aside from the series, the partnership also features native, display, social and print capturing the audience at every touchpoint over the next 6 weeks.

According to MediaCom’s Leah Hughes:

The development of the ‘The Good Room’ series for Moda, created by Dulux, is a prime example of the way in which creative media collaborations work best: a brave client, working with their media and creative agencies on a great idea, and a media partner that has the resource and scale to bring it alive.

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