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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) is the largest charity in Ireland and they receive only 1% of their funding from the government. Donations and volunteers are its lifeline, but trust in the charities sector had fallen from 74% to 43% due to a number of high profile scandals. SVP found themselves with more people needing their help, but less funds as donations were down by 3%. Traditionally, they had seen the primary role of media as awareness building of the work SVP do in the community – but we knew more was needed from media to tackle their challenges.


Our strategic media solution

With media increasingly being closer to the point of transaction, its role needed to move beyond just awareness.

Technology was evolving charitable donor’s habits, allowing us to close the gap between awareness and donation.

Working backwards from all the new donation touchpoints, we connected the donor and the recipient.

We created two roles for media - Addressable and Accessible.

Using our market leading tools to optimise broadcast AV activity towards building web based response, more efficient airtime meant less wastage and saved budget to invest across other touchpoints - and of course made sure that all online activity was transaction-based.

A digital connectivity solution

Ireland is regarded as a highly generous population, commanding a top 10 position over the last decade in the world giving index.

We knew that in this age of convenience, where there is a surge in contactless devices, voice recognition and one-touch payments, donors’ habits were evolving.

Bringing potential donors closer to SVP through digital media put control firmly in the hands of donors and rebuilt trust.


Online donations attributable to media
31% increase in direct debit commitments
increase in donations
increase in new donors


ADFX Award
Long term effectiveness
ADFX Award
Public service, social welfare and education

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