Gum Litter Task Force

Gum Litter Task Force - Got Ireland to chew over responsible gum disposal


Behaviour Change


There continues to be a battle against littering on our streets, including gum litter. Nearly half of Irish adults chew gum and this number goes to 62% for young adults. Despite only a few people actually disposing of their gum incorrectly, the issue belongs to everyone who navigate dirty streets, carelessly discarded gum on public transport and under desks!


A media solution built on the go

We delivered a truly ‘on the go’ behaviour change programme, recognising that the strongest opportunity to influence lay in building ubiquity on the streets of Ireland.

Starting with AV content delivered online, and in conjunction with live launches across 27 Local authorities, we delivered high impact OOH and commuter takeovers to establish relevant salience - quickly.

Our On the Go focus segued into reminders on every corner of the country through Bus Exteriors, transport hubs and public waste bins. A high frequency of messaging ran across digital activity exclusively targeting mobile devices to ensure the campaign was seen when people were out and about.

Finally, we developed ‘nudge’ content alongside key partners to engage audience on their mobiles whilst travelling.

Behaviour change at the core

At MediaCom, “People First” is the cornerstone of our philosophy and that’s the approach we took, recognising that driving true social change in Ireland meant uniting local communities across the country and driving collective involvement towards the common goal of disposing chewing gum responsibly.

We also identified that campaign success depended on active relevant communication vs passive delivery, so we focused media investment on talking to our audience when they were more likely to be in ‘gum disposal’ situations or environments.


uplift post vs pre
responsible gum disposal yoy
campaign awareness 57%
+7% yoy

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