Carbon Neutral Planning Tool

What is the carbon calculator and how does it work?

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Our ambition is to measure, reduce and offset the carbon emissions associated with all media activity bought through MediaCom by 2023.

This ladders up to WPP's ambition to be net zero by 2025 and the media carbon calculator is one of the first steps towards this goal.

Every piece of content produced, and every impact generated has an associated effect on the environment. When you see a print ad in a magazine, there is a carbon emission associated with the sourcing of the paper and the printing of the ad.

The calculator uses electricity emission factors to determine the carbon footprint at a channel level based on a number of key variables e.g. TV second length.

Our aim is to help brands understand the environmental impact of their media plans, make informed choices with regards to media investment, and mitigate against the impact in line with carbon neutral sustainability initiatives.

Many of our clients are already making commitments to significantly reduce their carbon emissions and the carbon calculator is a critical step in helping our clients move towards net zero targets.

The carbon calculator has three functions


Provides an estimate of the carbon generated by a media plan based on channels, formats and devices used.


Calculates the monetary cost of providing a carbon neutral offset of each plan.


Offset the media plan carbon emissions with our partner - co2balance.

There is much more that we can tell you about how the carbon calculator works and the initiatives and projects that our partner co2balance are involved with. To find out how the carbon calculator can help towards your own carbon neutral targets please contact Dom Holmes Head of Performance at MediaCom or your business lead.

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