Allianz 16 for 16

We used the arrival of Ireland’s centenary year of independence (1916-2016) as a narrative to translate a new global advertising concept for Allianz into a campaign with local meaning. This helped Allianz outperform a highly price sensitive market and grow their business demand. B&A highlighted a 15% increase in spontaneous awareness scores, rising 39% to 45% over the course of the campaign which was a key marketing objective for Allianz.


Insurance premiums in Ireland have increased by 20% on average over the last two years. This has stripped perceived value from the marketplace, leading Ireland to have the highest switching rate in the EU. In a price-led market brands can struggle to maintain an identity.

Allianz’s spontaneous brand awareness has a direct correlation to its demand volume. Awareness was in decline due to the market conditions which slowed demand and impacted negatively on their overall business growth.

Irish customers did not see any difference in their choices of insurance provider. They had become extremely price sensitive and distant from the category. Frankly, they didn’t care.

What Irish people did care about in 2016 was ‘Being Irish’. It was the centenary year of the revolution that led to our nation’s independence. People cared about Irish history, our culture and traditions. It was clear that Ireland had a rich heritage of people who dared for more, and we wanted to celebrate these heroes. This backdrop gave us the narrative to ground a new global concept for Allianz into Irish culture.


Allianz had developed a powerful global concept to support its brand “Dare To” to provoke the spirit of the bold and the smart. It let people know to go after the life they wanted, and when they did Allianz will be there with them every step of the way.

Re-framing this into a local narrative became crucial. With Ireland celebrating the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, we felt this was the perfect opportunity to highlight the real heroes of Irish sport from the past 100 years – 16 for ’16.


We used storytelling to illustrate the narrative behind what Allianz’s “Dare To” stood for to Irish consumers.

Taking inspiration from our Irish sporting heroes from the past 100 years we aligned the “Dare To” concept to those who dared to dream to make their nation proud.

We created 16 weekly stories and pushed through

We applied an innovative approach within the journalist team. The journalists pitched their heroic stories to the editors, backed up with user generated evidence. The top three articles each week were then assessed by the client, MediaCom and sports editors on a weekly call. The client believed that this creative process reflected the true nature of the campaign, and credited the concept itself and the willingness of all parties to guaranteed success.

The content was so rich that it was repackaged each month as a magazine, running across The site showcasing each article from the past four weeks.

This value was not included in the initial agreement but simply formed out of user engagement and an internal desire to showcase the native series.


The campaign created mass reach with 93% of the Irish population seeing the AV campaign. The media partnership created a deep level of engagement:

  • 8,090,731 campaign impressions.
  • 1.3% CTR, 20% higher than benchmarks on
  • 108,908 article page views (given the size of the Irish market 70,000+ is a strong performance).
  • Average dwell time of 3 minutes per article, 6% above benchmarked norms.
  • The partnership content was so well received that has now been agreed that “16 for ‘16” is going to be fashioned in to an 8-page booklet that will be distributed to the 1,500 Allianz employees in Ireland. This venture is going to be co-funded by Allianz and, extending the resonance of this campaign to internal marketing.
  • Spontaneous awareness scores increased 15% against a target of 5%.

What Allianz loved most about their new ‘Dare To…’ campaign was the ability to connect with customers on a deeper emotional and aspirational level than anything tried previously by the company. In an industry saturated by bland messaging, MediaCom adapted the ‘Dare To…’ concept through strong storytelling, engaging imagery, and relevant messaging, to offer a refreshing alternative that no doubt others will attempt to emulate.

Damien O’Neill, Head of Marketing & Communication, Allianz Ireland.

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