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You’re out

Our message from God convinced Israelis of the importance of 100% clean teeth – helping to sell 87% more Oral-B electric toothbrushes.


Only 20% of adults in Israel use electric toothbrushes.

Consumers are put off by the cost and think electric toothbrushes are only for people with serious dental issues.

We needed to change those attitudes to drive sales of the Oral-B Genius – a brush that promises to get your teeth 100% clean.


There’s one day in the calendar when only 100% is good enough: Yom Kippur.

Jews must fast for 25 hours – according to the bible, even accidentally swallowing the smallest morsel of food will lead to eternal damnation.

So, we hijacked Yom Kippur. First, we conducted a live demo to show how brushing with Oral-B Genius after the pre-fasting meal beats manual brushing.

Israel’s rabbinical authority then decreed that only electric brushing could save you from sin.

We promoted our message in print and OOH and took over all online content relating to fasting.

We also launched a branded content video, with members from Israel’s leading comedy show telling people “You’re Out” (of heaven) if you don’t use an electric brush.


Oral-B Genius sales shot up 87%


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