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Whisper #touchthepickle

By highlighting India’s myths of menstruation we created an opportunity for women to talk about Whisper Ultra


Menstruation is taboo in the subcontinent – surrounded by ridiculous and shaming myths. ​In a vacuum of knowledge, girls starting this phase of their lives have little choice but to follow what they are told absolutely by their mothers.

To drive trial for Whisper Ultra, we needed to address the way that society makes women feel disempowered when they are menstruating.


Our solution put the myths around menstruation back in their box by demonstrating just how ridiculous they were.

We identified the subcontinent’s most ridiculous rumours – including the myth that a menstruating woman will spoil pickle if she touches it – and started a conversation that put them in their place.

#touchthepickle identified the most prevalent and ridiculous tales and used them to drive attitude change.


Our message ran through three key phases. First we would start a conversation and get the subcontinent talking about (and rejecting) the myths of menstruation.

In the second phase, we would seed content including video across social media, backed up by key opinion leaders.

Finally, we would get anthropologists to explain the genesis of the social taboos and encourage women to pledge to #touchthepickle.


#touchthepickle helped Whisper Ultra achieve its ‘highest ever’ value share.
It was one of P&G’S most successful campaigns in the region, generating $6.1million worth of Earned Media coverage.

We also improved brand values, boosting most key equity scores by 5% to 10% but TOMA for Whisper rose by an incredible 15%.

Awards and Recognition

  • M&M Global Awards 2015 | Winner: Best Content Creation Award and The Effectiveness Award


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