The Power of Sport

Movement could be the key to future energy generation and Shell went to Rio to demonstrate their vision


One of the world’s most significant energy challenges is that by 2050, the global population will hit 9 billion. Shell wanted to show how it could help meet these future energy demands.

With younger consumers particularly sceptical about the claims of big corporates, we knew we needed to demonstrate something fantastic.

Shell needed a solution that engaged with their passions to get them to engage.


Our solution was the “Power of Sport” project, harnessing energy from an unexpected source: the passion and movement of people who play football. The project provided an innovative solution for one Rio community while inspiring a global audience to think differently about energy.


We identified a neglected community football pitch in Morro da Mineira, a Rio favela. Shell worked with the local community to renovate it, laying kinetic tiles under the pitch surface. We invited the world’s most famous footballer – Pelé – to kick the first ball, creating news for consumers around the world.


Our impact was felt globally around the world. People now think differently about Shell, with significant increases in brand familiarity (+12.8 points), “working to provide a sustainable energy future” (+8.0) and “a leader in providing innovative energy solutions” (+8.1).

Awards and Recognition

  • Cannes Lions 2015 | Bronze Media Lion: Corporate Image & Communication
  • M&M Awards 2015 | Winner: International Creativity Award


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