Tesco Food Love Stories

Tesco tasked us with boosting quality perceptions, so we innovatively partnered data with media to deliver a campaign personalised to food preferences – Food Love Stories.


“Quality of food” is the biggest driver of supermarket choice, but Tesco shoppers thought they were too big to care. We needed to tackle this (mis)perception head on, reminding the nation of their passion for food.


While other supermarkets focused on food provenance, Tesco sought to connect with the nation through emotive storytelling and the relationship we have with mealtimes. “Food Love Stories” was born to celebrate “the food you love to cook, for the people you love”.

At the heart of this was the most complex, data-driven media planning that Tesco had ever attempted, with the campaign being centrally planned across a wide range of paid channels, Tesco’s massive owned media estate, their earned channels and even using their staff as a media channel. Econometric data helped us pick the most effective channels. Data from Google and Facebook helped us personalise and localise.


18% increase in quality scores and millions of pounds of additional sales, directly attributable to media

With scope to increase investment across media channels used, this story isn’t ending any time soon.

Awards and Recognition

  • Festival of Media Global | Bronze: Effectiveness Award
  • Cannes Media Lions 2018 | Grand Prix
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