We hijacked high profile launches for the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 to remind consumers that the Xperia Z3 was actually better.


Sony’s new Xperia Z3 launch coincided with the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launches. ​We were vastly outspent by the competition but what we had in our favour was the fact that Xperia handsets often have better features than their more widely used rivals.


Sony would have to disrupt and become part of Apple and Samsung’s communications.

Specifically we needed to target the owners/fans of those brands as potential conversion opportunities while they engaged in the new iPhone or Galaxy product launches.


We staged a dramatic social ‘Guerilla Raid’ on the iPhone launch and disrupted TV campaigns by serving Sony ads to second screens.

First, we built a covert social newsroom to tackle Apple’s iPhone 6 launch, reacting in real-time with dynamic creative, demonstrating the superior features of the Z3. Paid social posts were targeted at Apple device owners.

Next, we trained our sights on TV, taking advantage of the fact that our target were habitual dual screeners by serving Sony creative simultaneously across multiple-screens every time a Samsung and Apple ad was broadcast.


Our campaign has increased Sony Xperia Z3 brand preference by a third.

We reached 13 million Apple owners across three days from the launch of the iPhone 6.

The Samsung TV Synch campaign reached more than 3.3 million people.

Our messages have driven brand preference up an incredible 28%, with awareness of Sony as a premium smartphone increasing by 15%.

Awards and Recognition

  • M&M Awards 2015 | Winner: Best Use of Mobile
  • Dubai Lynx 2015 | Gold: Best use of screens & audio in a media campaign
  • Cannes Lions 2015 | Shortlisted: Other Consumer Products
  • MENA Digital Award | Silver: Best integrated digital campaign


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