Steal Your Boyfriend’s Shampoo

We created a national crime wave by convincing Polish women to steal their boyfriend’s shampoo in an innovative form of trialling.


Head & Shoulders has a problem with women: women think the shampoo will be too harsh on their hair so they don’t buy it. It’s not true but the perception is hard to shift.


H&S was already in 20% of all Polish homes thanks to its popularity among men. So we focused on a brand new trial platform – one based on stealing rather than sample distribution.

We identified Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich striker and captain of the Polish national football team) and his wife Anna as the perfect couple to demonstrate just how easy it was for Anna to steal Robert’s shampoo for herself.


We triggered a national crime wave and boosted H&S sales by 30%

Our message reached 7.7m in our target audience, with earned activity responsible for 19 percentage points of our 66% reach.

Awards and Recognition

Festival of Media Global | Gold: Effectiveness

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