Laundry is seen as a gendered activity in India. This view is also highly prevalent among Indian sons. To break this chain we took the opportunity to reframe the conversation around breaking the traditional gendered roles.


Indian daughters continue to be the primary caretakers of households once they get married. This places unbalanced expectations and burdens on them, which can get in the way of their professional growth.

Most Indian sons, while growing up, saw traditional gender roles at home, and they too end up passing this inequality onto their children. They had yet to be properly challenged on this imbalance.


On National Laundry Day, we launched the Ariel “Son Washed Collection”. We backed this up with our heart-wrenching creative, in which the mother realises that she taught all the household tasks to her daughter but not her son.

Our message was built on Prime Minister Modi’s Educate Girl message “when you educate a girl, the home progresses but when you educate the boy about the housework, a society progresses”.

Ariel even achieved a Guinness World Record for the #LargestLaundryLesson at a culmination event with a host of local celebrities.


Ariel sales grew by 125%

The campaign video reached 81 million Indians

We are an airline